Medicine of the Ear involves various conditions and treatments. Patients range from children with persistent ear infections requiring tubes to more complicated patients who have developed chronic ear diseases which require repair of perforated eardrums or complex cleanings of their mastoid cavity. Not all ear surgery is or has to be scary: we also offer cosmetic procedures for prominent ears or repair of traumatic ear lobe lacerations.



Nasal Medicine covers a wide spectrum of treatments and procedures. Rhinoplasty (cosmetic nasal surgery), Nasal Septal Reconstruction (operation to improve the quality of breathing), and surgery of the Nose and Sinuses are a few of the options available to you. When medical therapy fails to improve sinus infections, there are two procedures usually recommended: Formal Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Office Balloon Sinus Dilation.



Throat operations vary from basic tonsillectomies to more sophisticated microscopic laser surgeries on the voice box. Snoring and sleep apnea procedures involve removing tissue from the throat and palate to relieve obstructed breathing. Whether it’s micro-laryngeal surgery for vocal nodules or the injection of collagen into the vocal cords, surgeries of the throat and voice box are some of the most rewarding procedures we perform.