ENT Image Guided Sinus Surgery

Imagine never having been to Shreveport and driving downtown. There are no street signs, no streetlights, no guide whatsoever about where you are going. Sinus Surgery can be the same way!

Sinus operations occur near the brain, eyes, and other vulnerable structures. Computer mage guided systems help the surgeon to avoid these areas. 3D images of the patient’s anatomy are displayed and the precise location of the surgeons instruments within the anatomy. This information enables the surgeon to exercise greater caution or to continue as needed. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery with image guidance is associated with a lower risk of complications compared surgery without this technology.

The Fusion Navigation System offers these benefits. When millimeters matters and operation near these vulnerable structures, this system offers superior and reliable accuracy that surgeons and patients need.

Similar to a GPS device, an image guided surgery (IGS) system provides a visual road map of each patients unique anatomy, and allows surgeons to track the position of their instruments in the patients sinuses at all times during their surgery. It’s truly like having a GPS in your sinuses. It does not replace surgical skill or anatomical knowledge, but offers additional information for surgical decision-making.

How does it work?
ENT Fusion SystemBefore the procedure, the patient has a CT scan of the sinuses. These images are transferred to the IGS system, allowing the surgeon to plan the best surgical approach for the operation. The IGS system correlates the data from these CT scans with special sensors placed on the patient’s head and the surgeon’s instruments during the procedure. While the surgery is performed, 3D images of the patient’s anatomy and the position of the surgeon’s instruments are displayed in real-time down to 25 millimeter accuracy.