Overview of Services

We specialize in disease and surgery in the area of the face, throat, sinuses, and the neck. Each area is exciting and challenging to us everyday. We treat the healthiest pediatric patient to the sickest adult head and neck cancer patient. Chronic sinus patients are our forte.

Ear surgery patients can be as straight forward as kids with tubes in theirs ears to challenging repairs of perforated eardrums. Nasal surgeries vary widely. A patient can desire a cosmetic change in their nose (which is my personal favorite) others may just want to breathe easier or improve sinus drainage. Either choosing a conventional computer assisted sinus surgery or a balloon sinus dilation, we will determine what is best.

Some of our patients need throat or palate surgery for snoring while others require sleeping for sleep apnea. We treat hoarseness with microscopic surgery or collagen fillers injected microscopically.

BTXCLogoFrom facial-head and neck skin cancers to purely plastic surgery, we provide it all. Our services extend from facelifts, eyelid lifts, or removing excess baggage to Botox Cosmetics. I have extensive experience in Rhinoplasty in over 34 years of private practice. We hope that you will visit us to discuss your Ear, Nose, and Throat problems. We will be proud that you chose our practice.

Nasal Septal Reconstruction:
Intranasal surgery to relieve nasal obstruction. It is a day surgery procedure lasting approximately 30 minutes. There is no bruising, swelling and no packing. Most of our patients are back to work/school in 3-5 days. No strenuous activity is allowed for 2 weeks.

Every year, half a million people who are interested in improving the appearance of their noses seek consultation with facial plastic surgeons. Some are unhappy with the noses that they were born with for others, an injury may have distorted their nose, or the goal may be to improve breathing. But one thing is clear: nothing has a greater impact on how a person looks than the size and shape of the nose. Since there is no ideal in rhinoplasty, the goal is to improve the nose aesthetically, making it harmonize better with other facial features. Rhinoplasty is done as an outpatient in day surgery under general anesthesia. When we reshape the nose, there will be bruising and an external cast for 1 week. All sutures are absorbable. There should be no strenuous activity for 2 weeks. If you wear glasses, special arrangements must be made so your glasses do not rest on the bridge of your nose.

Sinus Surgery:
Sinusitis affects 35 million people each year. SINUS SUFFERERS experience a wide variety of symptoms: these include congestion, facial pressure, pain, discolored discharge, cough, sore throat, and fatigue. Chronic sinusitis is treated as follows:

  • Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries:
    • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery:
      • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) done in our practice improves sinus drainage by enlarging the drainage pathways. Surgical removal of nasal structures damaged or diseased membranes is the norm for FESS. Sinus surgery is an out-patient procedure, without packing or bruising. This is usually augmented with the help of surgical navigation.
    • Sinus Balloon Dilation:
      • If you are in-office balloon candidate, your procedure will be performed while you are awake without the need of general anesthesia. A typical office balloon dilation procedure lasts approximately 1 hour. Most patients are back to work or school after 24 hours. Children balloon dilation are done in the operating room under general anesthesia. The goal is to open blocked passages to enlarge the drainage pathways. This is done by carefully placing the balloon into the abnormally blocked openings. No tissue is removed. No packing is necessary.